Saturday, October 07, 2006

A few Myths about Thomas Jefferson's Faith

"Separation of Church and State" is THE main issue that about Thomas Jefferson, most Americans get wrong largely due to "bad history" by less than supreme Court justices and due to modern, "revisionist" historians (including in attendance at that early 1990s conference was the "Thomas Jefferson Professor of History" at the University of Virginia, later involved in the Fraud of the Sally Hemings DNA story fomented to create smoke for William Jefferson Clinton's impeachment trial...Yes, Virginia, 'tis true...) who at a convention talked about "knocking Jefferson off the pedestal on which the people have placed him..."

CLICK on the images to enlarge for ease of reading a far different perspective than the "revisionist" historians dish out in classes. As Jefferson chose for the motto of the University of Virginia, "And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free." (The words of Jesus from the Gospel of Saint John 8:32, by the way...)

The SECOND ISSUE that most Americans mention is about the "JEFFERSON BIBLE" and that Jefferson CUT OUT THE VIRGIN BIRTH and THE MIRACLES because he did not believe them.

First some facts:
1) Thomas Jefferson never called either of his two abridged study Bibles by the name the "Jefferson Bible". That is what later publishers named it for marketing purposes.

2) Thomas Jefferson created this abridged Bible while serving as President, in the White House -- so much for "separation of church and state" for this was a Bible study done in the White House by the President.

3)Thomas Jefferson created this abridged Bible as a Gospel tract designed to evangelize the Indians to Christianity, for the Rev. Dowse, who Jefferson had financially supported for several years.

4) The reason for the descriptions of the Virgin Birth and The Miracles being "cut out" was that Jefferson was creating a tract of 40 pages of little more than "JUST JESUS", just the words of Jesus Christ, so in effect, the "Jefferson Bible" is basically a RED LETTER NEW TESTAMENT 
but Jesus did list the Miracles in one verse in John, that Jefferson INCLUDED, so JEFFERSON DID NOT deny the Miracles.

This book that was for awhile available from the Jefferson Memorial has done a fine job printing the so-called "Jefferson Bible" with RED LETTERS, visually demonstrating the predominance of the Words of Jesus Christ in the portions included in the "Jefferson Bible".

This is a one-page "Seed of Truth" flyer created to give a lot of information in a small space. It is designed to be printed out and "Cut Up" as Jefferson did to create the Gospel Tract, for you to be able to spread the Gospel of Jesus, but correcting misinformation and misconceptions contrary to what Jefferson said, "I am a Christian".

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